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3 In evaluating these, and all other nominations, the Advisory Bodies should continue to apply a strict evaluation of criteria as set out in the Operational Guidelines. Share Now: Nepal has four heritage sites inscribed on the World Heritage List. 5. A Tentative List is a national list of natural and cultural properties appearing to meet the World Heritage Committee's eligibility criteria for Start Printed Page 5677 nomination to the World Heritage List. The World Heritage Convention This 1972 Treaty established the World Heritage List and the World Heritage Committee, which makes final decisions on all World Heritage nominations. Beyond the conditions provided for by the Convention, and subject to the conclusions of the evaluation of international assistance, the new priority order should take into account: (v) Regional Plans of Action should be updated and developed within the framework of the Global Strategy. The report of the Working Group was discussed at the June and October 2000 sessions of the Bureau (WHC-2000/CONF.204/INF.9). The List The List . c) the order of priorities for the examination of new nominations shall remain as decided by the Committee at its 24th session (2000): (i) nominations of properties submitted by States Parties with no properties inscribed on the List,(ii) nominations of properties from any State Party that illustrate unrepresented or less represented categories of natural and cultural categories,(iii) other nominations,(iv) when applying this priority system, date of receipt of full and complete nominations by the World Heritage Centre shall be used as secondary determining factor within the category where the number of nomination fixed by the Committee has been reached; 18. Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Responses, Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention, Retrospective Inventory and "boundary clarifications", 28COM 13.1 Global Strategy for a representative, balanced and credible World heritage List, 06EXTCOM 5.4 New numbering system for the combined criteria (i) to (x), 24COM VI Cairns Decisions - Work of The World Heritage Reform Groups, 20COM XVII.1-9 Revision of the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention, Online Training supports African countries to develop nomination dossiers, Ethiopia receives support in preparation of World Heritage nomination files, Two natural sites, one in China, another in Iran, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, UNESCO, Africa and China agree on projects to safeguard World Heritage in Africa, Polish city of Kraków to host 2017 World Heritage Committee session, Call for application: TABE’A Programme Training Series: Tentative Lists and Nomination preparation for Natural World Heritage sites, Expert meeting on Improvement to “upstream processes" prior to consideration of nominations by the World Heritage Committee, International expert meeting on World Heritage and serial properties and nominations, International Expert meeting on World Heritage and buffer zones, Astronomy and World Heritage Thematic Initiative, Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and Social Developments (HEADS), Initiative on Heritage of Astronomy, Science and Technology, Initiative on Heritage of Religious Interest, Natural World Heritage in the Congo Basin, Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape, Reducing Disasters Risks at World Heritage Properties, World Heritage and Sustainable Development, World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme, World Heritage Centre’s Natural Heritage Strategy, World Heritage Earthen Architecture Programme (WHEAP). IUCN agreed that a comprehensive overhaul of this key document was required rather than the past practice of incremental, ad hoc amendments. Present state of conservatione. Published: December 15, 2020 10:00 am On: Nepal. Description of Propertyb. The same form approved by the Committee is used for the submission of nominations of cultural and natural properties. Resolution of the Twelfth General Assembly, 1999, Capacity Building for under-represented Regions. ", "In appointing consultative bodies, due regard shall be given to the need to ensure an equitable representation of the different regions and cultures of the world. The order of priority for the examination of the nominations for inscription, The state of preparation of the beneficiary countries, and. June 25, 2019 Express Informer. This newest World Heritage List includes sites of cultural importance, such as architect Frank Lloyd Wright's work, and natural wonders, such as Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland. Results of previous reporting exercises, a. Or Call us on- 9354229384, 9354252518, 9999830584. click here The analysis will provide States Parties with a clear overview of the present situation, and likely trends in the short to medium term with a view to identifying under-represented categories. The statement of the Chairperson is also included in Annex IX. 4. As of 2019, Iceland has six on its tentative list. Latest from this section Coronavirus demands grieving, but recovery is … by deciding, on a voluntary basis, to suspend the presentation of new nominations. Until the end of 2004, World Heritage sites were selected on the basis of six cultural and four natural criteria. It was thus agreed that reform should proceed gradually. The Committee noted the proposals on the equitable representation of the Committee developed following the Special Session of the Bureau session (WHC-2000/CONF.204/6) and decided to recommend the following Draft Resolution for adoption by the 13th General Assembly: The General Assembly of States Parties to the Convention concerning the protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Operational Guidelines annex 5 More Contacts Site Map Become a member Donate Now! These notes relate to each of the above headings and will be made available as an annex to the nomination form to the States Parties in order to provide guidance to those nominating properties for inclusion on the World Heritage List.". In addition to sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, member states can maintain a list of tentative sites that they may consider for nomination. Bibliographyd. Decides that this resolution should be implemented immediately. With your help, several Ohio landmarks could be ranked alongside Stonehenge in England, the Acropolis in Athens and the Grand Canyon. For the third and fourth ballots, the voting shall be restricted to the States obtaining the greatest number of votes in the previous ballot, up to a number twice that of the seats remaining to be filled. (yes/no/needs more work) A successful outcome leads to submission to the World Heritage Committee. Large-scale requests (that is those exceeding US$ 30,000) will be forwarded, with the Bureau's recommendation, to the following session of the World Heritage Committee for decision-making.". These primarily concern the identification, management, protection, enhancement and conservation of heritage. Increase representation of States Parties in the work of the Committee. To be included on the World Heritage List, sites must be of outstanding universal value and meet at least one out of ten selection criteria. XVII.6 The Committee took note of the "Glossary of World Heritage Terms" contained in Information Document WHC-96/CONF.201/INF.21 and expressed the wish that the Glossary be prepared in other languages. f) to identify national, regional and international existing institutions, facilities and networks that offer training in heritage conservation and management and that can participate in the implementation of capacity building strategies and programmes; 10. Kai Weise. Proposals for seven new natural heritage sites and one ‘mixed’ natural-cultural site have been submitted by state parties, as well as one extension of … Nominations for the World Heritage List are only accepted if the site was previously listed on the tentative list. (Article 11 (1). (ii) The advisory bodies and the World Heritage Centre should proceed with an analysis of sites inscribed on the World Heritage List and the tentative list on a regional, chronological, geographical and thematic basis. Facilitate the work of the World Heritage Centre. It is an important step since the World Heritage Committee cannot consider a nomination for inscription on the World Heritage List unless the property has already been included on the State Party's Tentative List. The recommendations of the regional and thematic meetings on the harmonisation of tentative lists held since 1984 and those on the Global Strategy organised since 1994. Recalling the conclusions on the "Evaluation of the Cairns Decision" by the 27th session (Decision 27 COM 14), the Decision adopted on the Representivity of the World Heritage List at its 24th session ("Cairns Decision", 2000), subsequently endorsed by the General Assembly of State Parties at its 13th session (2001); and the Resolution on ways and means to ensure a  representative World Heritage List adopted by the General Assembly at its 12th session (1999). (iii) Every State Party to this Convention shall, in so far as possible, submit to the World Heritage Committee an inventory of property forming part of the cultural and natural heritage, situated in its territory and suitable for inclusion in the list . Nominations to the World Heritage List will not be considered unless the nominated property has already been included on the State Party’s Tentative List. IUCN expressed their wish to contribute to a process of revisions and proposed five objectives for the revised Operational Guidelines: The Committee decided that the process for revising the Operational Guidelines should be co-ordinated by the World Heritage Centre through a collaborative process involving representatives of States Parties, the advisory bodies and the Secretariat. From the 2002-2003 biennium, an intersectoral project should be developed and implemented to encourage the States Parties whose heritage is still under- represented to reinforce their capacity to protect, conserve and enhance it. (iii) The advisory bodies should take into account in their analyses: (iv) The World Heritage Centre and advisory bodies should communicate the results of the analyses to the World Heritage Committee and, following the Committee's examination, the results should be conveyed to States Parties to the Convention, together with the Committee's recommendations. Recalls that the Committee had previously decided: a) to make available to all stakeholders all appropriate statutory World Heritage documentation, including documentation on the pre-, during and post-inscription process of World Heritage properties. 1. Form and date of most recent records of sited. The following list was compiled based on UNESCO documentation and latest information … b) to encourage the increased participation of local authorities, civil society organizations and populations in the identification of the cultural and natural heritage of States Parties. The Committee may also decide to consider, on an emergency basis, situations falling under paragraph 67 of the Operational Guidelines.

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